Safety Information & Resources

Committed to excellence in all-things safety, CMH Underground looks for continual improvement of our overall corporate awareness, understanding and performance in all areas relating to the safety of our workers and the practices they maintain. Our goal is to protect our employees, property, contractors and even the communities in which we operate. Safety is a core team value at CMH Underground and a key part of who we are.

Guiding Principles:

  • Integrate Health and Safety as an essential part of ALL CMH Underground Utilities management and decision making processes.
  • Speak directly to customers, both to understand their needs and promote a safe work culture.
  • Ensure a work environment that supports ALL employees and contractors in their effort to achieve zero work-related injuries.
  • Minimize adverse environmental impact from operations and business practices whenever possible.
  • Consider and establish appropriate Health and Safety requirements when selecting employees and contractors.

Key Components of the CMH Underground Safety Program

  • Education and mentoring of workers. All new employee orientation and hazard observation programs work to foster a safe culture and environment to work in.
  • Continual monitoring of existing safe work practises while encouraging a proactive approach toward making positive, behavior-based changes to the overall safety culture of society.
  • Managers, supervisors and employees use systematic methods of assessing whatever risks and hazards are associated with every component of every project. This leads to safer work and the production of a better product.
  • Having procedures in place that cover ALL aspects of incident and near-miss investigations. Effective review of previous events is a valuable tool in the mitigation of future hazards, leading to increased knowledge and awareness for all.