Proactive Gas Leak Detection Solutions

Gas Leak Detection ServicesCMH Underground Gas Leak Detection technicians are trained and certified to locate underground gas leaks using the latest leak detection technologies and providing fast, accurate results.

Gas Leak Detection surveys are essential for identifying potentially hazardous and dangerous conditions. Failure is simply not an option, as mistakes can have enormous personal, financial and environmental impacts.

CMH Gas Leak Detection technicians have been trained and certified through the Fortis BC Leak Survey training program. Using the latest technology in filtered infrared spectroscopy detection equipment our technicians will locate both above and below ground gas leaks in BC and Alberta. This allows for the efficient production of fast, accurate and safe gas leak surveys. CMH Underground collects samples and provides further lab analysis if required.

Additionally, CMH Underground is the only company in North Central BC with the equipment and expertise to locate and detect leaks in exterior buried gas distribution systems.