Sometimes it’s what you can’t see that matters most.

Locating ServicesWhen you first start to dig, damage prevention starts with experienced technicians and state of the art equipment to locate what lies beneath. Let CMH Underground take the guesswork out of underground utility locating.

CMH Underground has been in the damage prevention business for more than 20 years.

Thanks to our high standards and best practices in the underground utility industry, CMH Underground has become a go-to partner for facility owners, excavation contractors, engineers and regulatory agencies determined to eliminate underground facility damage.

With specialized equipment and the hard-earned expertise that comes from helping more than 300 clients over twenty years, CMH Underground locates buried utilities with accuracy, confidence and speed in even the most congested of areas. CMH Underground is in constant pursuit of excellence, actively seeking out the latest in locating technologies and modern, time-saving equipment.

Trained and certified to meet or exceed all safety and environmental requirements, CMH Underground technicians are in-demand and certified to work on any job-site in British Columbia or Alberta. That means the underground utility locates performed by CMH Underground technicians will be the most complete and accurate anywhere. Try us today and see for yourself.

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